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3-Food: Heinz reiterates no GM ingredients in Chinese products

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TITLE:  Heinz reiterates no GM ingredients in Chinese products
SOURCE: Food Navigator, France, by Dominique Patton
DATE:   28 Mar 2006

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Heinz reiterates no GM ingredients in Chinese products

28/03/2006 - The Chinese arm of US food giant Heinz said this weekend
that its latest tests confirm once again that its baby cereal products
marketed in China contain no genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

Heinz said in a statement that independent results from six authorized
testing agencies all failed to find traces of GM ingredients in rice used
for its baby cereal products.

Earlier this month Greenpeace claimed that a batch of infant rice cereal
contained GM ingredients. Heinz said at the time it had already sent test
results to the authorities and informed Greenpeace of the findings.

However Greenpeace claimed that tests it commissioned from the laboratory
GeneScan on baby foods in Beijing had shown up GM ingredients in a
product made by the Heinz-UFE joint venture in Guangzhou.

The latest tests for Heinz were done by the SGS Group and Hong Kong-based
DNA Chips as well as an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and
three provincial-level authorities.

"We strongly refute any suggestion of possible irregularities with tests
conducted on Heinz baby cereal on our behalf," said Heinz in the statement.

China has not approved sales of any kind of genetically modified rice.

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TITLE:  Test suggests no GM in Heinz baby food
DATE:   23 Mar 2006

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CHINA: Test suggests no GM in Heinz baby food

In response to Greenpeace accusations that a Heinz baby cereal contained
illegal undeclared genetically modified rice, the company has said that
results from tests it commissioned have come back negative. Heinz also
noted that authorities have not asked for the product to be recalled.

Heinz (China) Investment Co, the Chinese unit of US food group Heinz, has
rigorously denied the allegation that a baby cereal product, on sale in
mainland China and Hong Kong, was contaminated with GM rice and now it
has produced new laboratory test results to support its claim.

However, scientific testing also supports Greenpeace's assertion and
Greenpeace campaigner Ma Tianjie told Dow Jones that he doubted the
reliability of Heinz's results, in part because the company commissioned them.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture had previously stated that is
investigating the claims and would conduct its own tests to determine
whether or not GM rice is present in the product.

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