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2-Plants: COP-8 kept de-facto moratorium on Terminator field releases

Dear GENET-news readers,

20 minutes ago, the delegates of COP-8 decided to keep the de-facto
moratorium of Terminator field trials and commercialization as stated in
the decision V/5 from COP-5. The controversial new text from the recently
convened CBD working group on Art.8j - dealing with the rights of
indigenous peoples and local communities over their traditional knowledge
- was rejected in total. The COP-8 decision - which has to be adopted
formally on Friday 31 March - is based on the text submitted by the CBD
scientific body SBSTTA and explicitly reaffirmes Decision V/5.

This announcement by the Chair caused relief amongst the various
indigenous peoples, local communities and civil society organisations.
There had been long-lasting and strong lobby work by these organizations
against the 8j-text accompagnied by demonstrations of Brazilian small
farmers and peasants during the last days.

More analyses are going to follow.

Hartmut Meyer
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