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3-Food: Greenpeace Russia accuses food companies to neglect GE food labeling law

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TITLE:  Greenpeace Protects Customer's Right to Information about Transgenes
SOURCE: Greenpeace Russia
DATE:   14 Mar 2006

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Greenpeace Protects Customer's Right to Information about Transgenes

Russian Federation -- March 14, 2006. Today, on the eve of the World
Consumer Rights Day, Greenpeace activists helped producers to observe the
law on mandatory labeling of GM food products. In one of the Ashan
supermarkets activists attached a label "May contain transgenes" to food
of companies in whose products GM ingredients had been found. At the
entrance to the supermarket a banner was installed that read:
"Transgenes: You Have Right to Know! Genetic Experiment. Don't Do It".
All passers-by were given Greenpeace guide-books "How to Choose GM-Free Food".

"Since many manufacturers neglect the rules of mandatory labeling,
Greenpeace decided to help companies observe the law and inform consumers
about their choices", comments Natalia Olefirenko, Greenpeace Russia GE
campaign coordinator.

According to the amendment to the law "On Consumers' Rights Protection"
passed in 2005, a product containing any amount of transgenes must have
proper labeling.

Among companies marked with the label "May contain transgenes", there
were Cherkizovsky MPZ JSC, Mikoyanovsky MK, Tagansky MPZ, Moskovsky MPZ
Kampomos, Vichyunai-Rus Ltd. (VICI TM), Gurman Mk Ltd. (Vkusman TM),
Novosibirsky MKK, Bikom JSC., Zavody Kolibri Ltd., Petrodvortsovy Myasnoi
Dvor Ltd., Petrokholod Pishevye Tekhnologii Ltd., as well as Perdigao
Agroindustrial CIA (Brazil). Products of all these manufacturers
contained more than 0.9 % of GMI.

"It could be any supermarket instead of Ashan", says Natalia Olefirenko.
"While in Europe the largest supermarket networks (Carefour, METRO,
Tesco, Masterfood, COOP-Italy and others) have already refused of
transgenes in their food products and at present they carry out their own
monitoring of supplied goods, in Russia food stores totally neglect the
opinion of customers, 95% of whom, according to opinion polls, don't want
to buy GM food".

"It's noteworthy that in response to our German colleagues the
administration of Ashan openly stated that at the current stage of their
business in Russia they are not going to apply a policy of non-using
transgenic food and they are not able to monitor labeling law
enforcement", adds Natalia.

In late 2005 Greenpeace addressed 15 largest network supermarkets of
Moscow with the proposal to back up the initiative of their western
colleagues, to advocate for consumers' rights and to declare themselves
"GMI free zone". All enquiries were left unanswered.

Today in the Moscow city court Greenpeace stands for consumers' right to
full information about safety of 13 GM crop species, officially allowed
in our country.

"Along with the right to choose GM free food products, consumers have the
right to full information about GMI safety", says Greenpeace Russia
lawyer Irina Nevrova. "for two years the Nutrition Institute, ignoring
the decision of the Nikulinsky District court from December 15, 2004, has
refused to provide the public with this information. We had to go to the
court again, because all our attempts to obtain the information were

For more details please contact: (495) 926-50-45 Natalia Olefirenko, Vera

After the labeling the administration of Ashan agreed by word of mouth
about further cooperation. At the meeting with Greenpeace representatives
the administration of the supermarket delared that they would pursue the
policy of non-using GMI in their food production and also in the near
future they would stop selling transgenic food in their store chain.

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