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6-Regulation: Medjimurje (Croatia) should be declared GMO free district

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TITLE:  Medjimurje should be Declared GMO Free District
SOURCE: One World South East Europe, by Tomislav Domes
DATE:   09 Mar 2006

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Medjimurje should be Declared GMO Free District

Kneja Cultural Association for Coexistence with the Nature
(, and Duga Plus association submitted yesterday s proposal
to the Administrative Department of Economic Development of Medjimurje
District to adopt a decision for prohibition of growing, production and
marketing of GMOs on the whole territory of the country. According to the
proposal, there is a growing movement against cultivation of genetically
modified organisms all over Europe. Local and regional authorities,
associations of agricultural producers and citizens' association raise
thier voice demanding their rights of freedom of choice and the right to
declare their respective regions GMO free. The strategic development
goals of the Repblic of Croatia is based on the sustainable development
and the sensible utilization of natural resources in tourism and
production of health food. Ten districts in Croatia have already
recognized the importance of these principles, and adopted decisions to
ban use of GMO seeds on their territories. These districts follow the
positive and progressive European trends. Therefore, Kneja and Duga
propose to the Medjimurje District to start the procedure to adopt
decision to ban growth, production and marketing of GMOs and invest more
efforts and resources into organic agriculture. Such a decision would be
compatible with the trend to create a European GMO free area.

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