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9-Misc: Czechs want unified GMO tests, ban on waste import

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TITLE:  Czechs want unified GMO tests, ban on waste import
SOURCE: Czech News Agency / Prague Daily Monitor
DATE:   07 Mar 2006

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Czechs want unified GMO tests, ban on waste import

Prague, March 7 (CTK) - Czech Environment Minister Libor Ambrozek
believes that tests of generically modified organisms (GMO) in the
European Union should be unified and their results should be simple and
comparable, Environment Ministry spokeswoman Karolina Sulova said today.

Ambrozek will therefore demand at the meeting of the EU Council of
Ministers in Brussels on Thursday that the unified method of the GMO
research be introduced, Sulova said after Ambrozekīs meeting with
members of Greenpeace at which the problem was discussed.

The Czech Republicīs position on the second topic of the EU ministersī
meeting ensues from the situation that arose in the Czech Republic due
to mass imports of communal waste from Germany. Ambrozek will demand
that the new EU waste directive do not allow imports of waste for
incineration, she said.

Greenpeace activists demanded that Environment Ministry ban the
cultivation of genetically modified Bt-maize. They gave Ambrozek a
scientific study on the problem and called on other EU countries to
adopt a similar approach.

"We want Mr Ambrozek to accept a temporary moratorium on the cultivation
of Bt-maize on the national level. The study we gave him proves its bad
influence on the environment," Czech Greenpeace spokeswoman Vladka
Tejnska told CTK.

Bt-maize that contains the gene of a bacteria that kills parasitoid of
pyralid moth larvae was first tested by Czech farmers on about 270
hectares last year. The Czech state ranks the fifth in the EU as regards
the acreage of land under GM maize.

The waste directive will be a topic at a special seminar that will take
place on Thursday afternoon. The Czech Republic wants that the provision
allowing import of waste used as fuel be deleted from the EU directive
since it allows incinerators to formally declare themselves as
facilities using waste as fuel in the same way as electric and thermal
power plants. If the directive takes effect the Environment Ministry
will not be able to prevent import of waste for incineration.

It has so far rejected requests by German companies for the incineration
of tens of thousands of tonnes of waste in the Czech Republic arguing
that it is not a material used as fuel.

Ambrozek intends to meet with his German colleague at the meeting to
discuss the disposal of German waste that was illegally brought to the
Czech Republic.

The Environment Ministry does not want to allow the waste to end up in
Czech incinerators for preventive reasons, demanding that about 15,000
tonnes of waste be taken back to Germany.

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