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  • 9-Misc: Food security, food aid and GMOs in Africa, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Global alliance of Protestant and Orthodox churches adopts policy on the use of GMOs in emergencies, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Africa Environment Outlook-2 published by UNEP reports on GE crops, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Tanzanian farmers challenged to apply biotech methods, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Transgenic citrus tested in Brazil, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: Argentina defines limits of "own use" for farm-saved (GE) seeds, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Greenpeace wants China to think twice about GM rice, GENET
  • 7-Business: Indian soymeal exports jump on strong demand for non-GE products, GENET
  • 4-Patents: Mahyco files for brinjal patents, GENET
  • 9-Misc: GM food still a concern for public in Australia, GENET
  • 3-Food: Recombinant protein from fish blood the key to low-fat ice cream, GENET
  • 2-Plants: State of Andhra Pradesh (India) urged to reject Bt brinjal, GENET
  • 2-Plants: On GURT research funded by the Netherlands and the EC, GENET
  • 2-Plants: U.S. researcher develop GE pharma corn with male sterilep ollen, GENET
  • 5-Animals: News about cloned racing horses in the U.S., GENET
  • 6-Regulation: Californian legislators discuss bill banning GMO bans, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Controversy about UK research on nitrogen fixation and GE plants, GENET
  • 2-Plants: On GE wheat better suitable for the baking industry, GENET
  • GENET takes a break, GENET

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