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7-Business: Transgenically produced biopharmaceuticals could soar to $12 billion by 2012

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TITLE:  Transgenically Produced Biopharmaceuticals Could Soar to $12
        Billion by 2012
SOURCE: Kalorama Information, USA, posted by PRNewswire, USA
DATE:   23 Feb 2006

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Transgenically Produced Biopharmaceuticals Could Soar to $12 Billion by 2012

NEW YORK, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- With the possibility of the world's
first transgenic plant-produced biopharmaceutical being approved for use
this year, worldwide attention is focusing on the futuristic
breakthroughs that could dramatically alter the biopharm manufacturing
landscape and drive sales past the $12 billion mark by 2012, according
to a new study from market research firm Kalorama Information, a
division of, a leading provider of industry-specific
market research reports.

By using animal and plant platforms as bioreactors rather than
established production technologies, which use bacteria, yeast, and
cultured mammalian cells, the potential to provide large quantities of
complex proteins in a more cost-effective manner has arrived.

The new study, Transgenic Animals and Plants in Pharmaceutical Research
and Manufacturing, predicts that with anticipated EMEA and FDA approval
of several such drugs this year, the market is expected to reach $225
million. Further refining of such technology and the anticipated
approval of other plant- and animal-derived drugs currently in clinical
trials are expected to grow the market by 140% over the next six years.

"The future is already here and producing biopharmaceuticals through
newer methodologies which utilize the lower-cost genetic capabilities of
plants and animals as opposed to the enormously expensive current
methods of cell culture production simply makes sense," notes Anne
Anscomb, the report's author. "Over the next several years, as more and
more of these drugs are approved worldwide, we should begin to see such
transgenic manufacturing becoming an industry standard which will help
to keep these high-tech drugs affordable."

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the current status of the
subsector of the biopharmaceutical industry focused on animal and plant
transgenics for biopharmaceutical production and research. It includes
an in- depth look at current drugs in the pipeline, key manufacturers
spearheading research and production, cost analysis of mammalian, avian,
and plant platforms versus traditional methods of microbial fermentation
and mammalian cell culture, and sales projections through 2015.

Transgenic Animals and Plants in Pharmaceutical Research and
Manufacturing can be purchased directly from Kalorama Information by
clicking It is also
available at

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