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2-Plants: First GE high lysin corn for animal feed cleared in the U.S.

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TITLE:  Renessen Receives Final Regulatory Clearance for World's First
        Crop-Based Biotechnology Quality Trait for Animal Feed Industry
SOURCE: Monsanto, USA
DATE:   06 Feb 2006

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Renessen Receives Final Regulatory Clearance for World's First Crop-
Based Biotechnology Quality Trait for Animal Feed Industry
High lysine technology will provide higher level of essential amino acid
than conventional feed corn

Deerfield, IL. (February 6, 2006) - Renessen LLC announced today that
the U.S. Department of Agriculture has deregulated Renessen's high
lysine corn containing the LY038 trait, clearing the way for Renessen to
commercialize the new technology for use in the livestock industry. To
be sold under the name Mavera(TM) High Value Corn with Lysine, LY038 is the
world's first crop-based quality trait produced through biotechnology
for the animal feed industry. It also represents the first biotechnology
trait offering from Renessen.

The technology provides higher levels of lysine than a conventional corn
plant produces. Lysine, an amino acid, is a critical building block for
proteins and muscle and thus essential for the diets of animals. When
included as part of an animal's diet, grain produced that contains the
trait will enhance lysine levels in animal feed, reducing the need for
synthetic lysine supplements. It is expected to reduce cost and improve
efficiency for animal producers.

"We are very excited by this technology's ability to simplify our
livestock customers' animal feed rations and improve operational
efficiency through cost savings," said Michael Stern, Ph.D., chief
executive officer for Renessen.

The high-lysine trait will be marketed under Renessen's Mavera(TM) program.
The specially developed corn will contain higher levels of corn oil than
commodity hybrids, in addition to possessing the lysine trait, and it
will initially be sold through the Asgrow® brand of seed. "Mavera(TM) High
Value Corn with Lysine offers the increased oil and metabolizable energy
content of Mavera(TM) High Value Corn, with the added benefits of providing
an enhanced level of the essential amino acid lysine," added Stern.
"This will create additional planting options for corn growers, allowing
them to earn a premium while participating in a value-added supply chain."

Mavera(TM) High Value Corn with Lysine will be evaluated under an
experimental field program in 2006 and produced on limited acreage in
2007. The new product will initially be grown in states with access to
major river ways such as Illinois and Indiana so that export markets can
be reached economically.

Renessen is currently seeking the necessary regulatory clearances for
LY038 in all key import markets, and until those approvals are obtained,
grain containing LY038 will only be marketed to specific end users in
the United States. Regardless of its destination, LY038 grain will
always be produced under an identity preservation system, which will
control the flow of the grain from the farm to the end-user. Mavera(TM)
High Value Corn with Lysine will initially be combined with the
YieldGard® Corn Borer trait in the U.S. market, to be followed later
with other Monsanto agronomic traits, such as the YieldGard® Corn
Rootworm and Roundup Ready® Corn II traits.

Renessen is a joint venture between Cargill, Incorporated and Monsanto
Company, bringing together Monsanto's expertise in biotechnology and
plant breeding with Cargill's capabilities in animal nutrition, grain
processing and logistics. Since its establishment in 1999, Renessen has
been focused on developing valued-added traits to the feed industry.

About Renessen:
Renessen LLC is an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to
developing quality traits for the feed and processing industry. It is a
joint venture between Cargill Inc. and Monsanto Company. For more
information, visit

About Cargill:
Cargill Incorporated is an international provider of food, agricultural
and risk management products and services. With 124,000 employees in 59
countries, the company is committed to using its knowledge and
experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed. For more
information, visit

About Monsanto:
Monsanto is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and
agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality.
For more information, visit


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