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6-Regulation: Brazil and US agree on transgenic labelling

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TITLE:  Brazil and US agree on transgenic labelling
SOURCE: Agência Brasil, by Ivan Richard, translated by Allen Bennett
DATE:   07 Feb 2006

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Brazil and US agree on transgenic labelling

Brasília - The United States has decided to accept the Brazilian
position on international labelling of genetically modified food. Brazil
had joined 126 other Cartagena Protocol signatory countries in favor of
a label stating:"May Contain Modified Live Organisms." The majority is
opposed to a label stating "Contains Modified Live Organisms," because
that would require the adoption of expensive crop detection and tracking
procedures and thus, from the Brazilian standpoint, increase the prices
of Brazilian agricultural goods on international markets.

The Cartagena Protocol has been in effect since 2003 and deals with
possible environmental damage caused by the transport and commerce of
genetically modified food. Although the US has not ratified the
protocol, it has expressed concern over its effects on global trade in
agricultural commodities. .

In the talks with the US about the Cartagena Protocol, Brazil expressed
its desire to have the headquarters of the Committee on Additives and
Contaminants, which is presently located in Holland, transferred to
Brazil. "There is no Codex Alimentarius committee in developing
countries. Brazil is interested in coordinating the committee for its
importance in determining pesticide use limits, which have a major
impact on world food trade," commented Rogério Pereira da Silva, a
federal agricultural inspector in the Ministry of Agriculture.


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