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9-Misc: Hungary to extend GMO ban

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TITLE:  Hungary to extend GMO ban
SOURCE: Hungarian News Agency
DATE:   09 Feb 2006

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Hungary to extend GMO ban

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) - Hungary will extend its ban on growing
genetically modified maize, gov't officials told the press on Thursday.
Hungarian researchers have recently found evidence that maize types
freely traded in the European Union represent environmental and health
risks, said Environment Ministry state secretary Andras Gombos.
According to the researchers, the toxic content of these types of maize
in wet weather conditions can become thousands of times higher than
traditional pesticides, he added. The ban was introduced in January last
year. Farm minister Jozsef Graf said it was in Hungary's economic
interest to keep the country GMO-free. Hungary is one of Europe's
biggest grain producers. He said Hungary would try to get European
ministers to uphold the ban at a meeting in the summer.


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