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7-Business: China to speed up biotechnology development

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TITLE:  China to Speed up Biotechnology Development
SOURCE: CRI News, China, by Zheng Chengguang
DATE:   15 Sep 2005

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China to Speed up Biotechnology Development

(Anchor): To fasten the pace of development in the biotechnology
industry, the Chinese government will improve its approach to scientific
research and increase its level of investment.

CRI reporter Zheng Chengguang takes a closer look.

Zhou Yun: Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has attached a high
priority to the development of biotechnology.

In the past five years, the central government has increased its
investment in the development and application of biotechnology to 12
billion yuan, or 1.5 billion US Dollars. China State Councilor Chen Zhili
says the government has made great efforts to set up an innovative
approach to restructuring the biotechnology industry.

"The Chinese government has put the promotion of the biotechnology
industry and the development of the bio-economy high on the agenda. We
have set out preferential policies to enhance companies' ability at
innovation. Meanwhile we have increased investment into scientific research."

With the government's active promotion and support, China now has 900
modern biotechnology companies and over 20 biotechnology parks in big
cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The development of biotechnology has contributed a lot to the economy,
food security and the environment. For example, the success of the
development of genetically modified cotton will bring about an increase
of 600 million US Dollars in farmers' income every year.

Xu Guanhua, Minister of Science and Technology, said that Chinese
biotechnology has great potential for causing further developments in the
coming 15 years.

"In the next 15 years, China's biotechnology development will aim at food
security, population health, environment improvement and energy security.

Thus bottlenecks limiting economic and social development can be solved."
He added that scientific research will enhance the development of
biological fertilizer, diagnostic technology for infectious diseases and
methods for reducing atmospheric pollution.


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