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9-Misc: Danish Social Democrats' shift opens door on GMO

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TITLE:  Soc Dem shift opens door on GMO
SOURCE: - The Official Window
DATE:   16 Sep 2005

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Soc Dem shift opens door on GMO
Long-standing Danish resistance to genetically modified crops comes to an end

The opposition Social Democrats have announced that they plan to give up
their blanket rejection of genetically modified organisms (GMO), reported
national daily Politiken on Friday.

The party said that during today's meeting of the parliament's EU
Committee, it will recommend that the government approval of a specific
type of GMO maize when it comes up for a vote in the EU.

With the Social Democrat's change of course, the parliament's long-
standing majority opposition to GMO has dried up.

Since 2003, widespread scepticism over the effects of GMO has forced the
government to vote 'no' on all EU votes to approve the crops.

Social Democratic EU spokesman Svend Auken, who in 1999 was responsible
for the national moratorium on GMO, said the change in attitude came as a
result of new rules governing labelling and tracking of genetically
modified crops.

The mandate to the government in this instance, however, should not be
considered as an acceptance of all GMO products. The party said it would
evaluate all new requests for approval on a case-by-case basis.

The EU gave up its moratorium on GMO in 2004. Since then, Denmark has
been one of the few countries that has consistently voted against
approving the crops, effectively vetoing EU approval.

Denmark's Minister for the Environment, Connie Hedegaard, said she was
pleased by the Social Democrat's decision.


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