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6-Regulation: New South Wales (Australia) extends ban on GM crops until 2008

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TITLE:  NSW: Ban on GM crops to be extended until 2008
SOURCE: Australian Associated Press
DATE:   14 Sep 2005

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NSW: Ban on GM crops to be extended until 2008

SYDNEY - A ban an the cultivation af genetically modified (GM)crops in
NSW will be extended until March 2008, the state government says.

In 2003, the NSW parliament banned GM crops for three years until March
2006, but gave the government the power to allow exemptions for research

Primary Industries Minister lan Macdonald today said because no on-farm
GM research trials had taken place since 2003, there was insufficient
evidence to help assess the benefits of GM versus non-GM food crops.

"Since no on-farm research into the marketing and trade aspects has
occurred in NSW, the state government has decided to extend its
legislation for another two years," Mr Macdonald said in a statement.

He said exemption orders far research purposes would still be allowed
under the extended ban.

Mr Macdonald said more research into genetically modified canola and
other food crops were essential to the state's farming community.

"Such trials will go a long way in helping farmers making decisions about
the technology based an robust independent science, as opposed at fear
and bias," Mr Macdonald said.

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TITLE:  Crops contaminated in GM trials
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   14 Sep 2005

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Crops contaminated in GM trials

Genetically modified (GM) canola has again contaminated Western
Australian crops. Trace levels of Monsanto's GM canola have been found in
two varieties of non-GM canola grown in National Variety Trials in the
Lake Grace and Cranbrook shires.

WA Agriculture Minister Kim Chance says the low trace level means there
is no immediate threat to access to overseas markets nor the environment.

He says the GM trials will be allowed to continue.

"These trials in Western Australia have flowered," he said. "As a result
of that, any damage they might have done is already done in terms of
outflow of genetic material."

Mr Chance says all grain harvested from the sites will be destroyed,
along with any canola detected in the area over the next two years.

Mr Chance has called for GM companies to take more care with their
products. "It is frustrating and it must be really annoying for the
owners of the material under trial because they've just seen a whole
year's trials go up in smoke because of a little carelessness," he said.


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