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4-Patents: Planting pirated soybean seeds will be freed in Brazil

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TITLE:  Planting pirated soybean seeds will be freed
SOURCE: Gazeta Mercantil via Syngenta Media Clipping
        posted by Checkbiotech, Switzerland
DATE:   7 Sep 2005

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Planting pirated soybean seeds will be freed

PORTO ALEGRE - Agriculture minister Roberto Rodrigues guaranteed Friday
that, "at the latest," by tomorrow the presidential decree will be
published authorizing once again the planting of genetically modified
soybeans with noncertified seeds, grown by the farmers themselves. The
information was given during the opening session of the 28th Expointer,
in Esteio (Rio Grande do Sul state). The decision responds to protests of
the Farm Workers Federation of Rio Grande do Sul (Fetag-RS). Fetag
protested that the Banco do Brasil (BB), the leading source of official
farm credit in Brazil, was not releasing resources from the National
Program to trengthen Family Agriculture (Pronaf) for farmers who could
not show a certificate of origin tor their seeds. The entity, which
represents almost 100,000 small farmers, alleges that certified seeds da
not exist in sufficient volume to satisfy all the demand in the state.
According to Fetag estimates, only 10% of the seeds available in the
state are certified.


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