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9-Misc: Ukraine Agriculture Ministry seeks to ban GMO soy imports

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TITLE:  Ukraine Agriculture Ministry Seeks to Ban GMO Soy Imports
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   8 Sep 2005

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Ukraine Agriculture Ministry Seeks to Ban GMO Soy Imports

KIEV - Ukraine's Farm Ministry said on Wednesday it would ask the
government and the parliament to ban imports and planting of genetically
modified (GMO) soybeans in the country. "We are going to adopt a decision
to ban planting and imports of GMO soybeans," Ivan Dymchak, deputy farm
minister, told reporters. "At the moment we are talking only about
soybeans. "We want to have the status of a country which produces only
clean agriculture products," he added. Ukraine is a traditional importer
of soy meal and imported 78,200 tonnes in the 2003/04 season and 74,300
in 2002/03. It has imported 47,700 tonnes so far this season. Ukraine
imports soy meal mostly from Brazil.


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