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6-Regulation: Vietnamese government issues rules for GMO research and use

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TITLE:  Government issues rules for GMO research and use
SOURCE: Vietnam News
DATE:   7 Sep 2005

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Government issues rules for GMO research and use

HA NOI -- Regulations governing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have
been issued by the Viet Nam Government.

The regulations deal with the research of GMOs and their production and
trade in Viet Nam. This includes their import-export and transport.

The new regulations require GMO products to carry certificates showing
that they are biologically safe and have labels that provide would-be
consumers with information about them.

Individuals or organisations wanting to research and develop GMOs must
first register with the Science and Technology Ministry and appropriate
management agencies.

They must also ensure the safety of the GMOs and guarantee that they do
not endanger the environment.

GMOs imported into Viet Nam must comply with the laws of their country of
export; there must also be effective risk control.

The regulations define risk as the potential danger and damage that GMOs
can do to human health, the environment and biological diversity.

The export of GMOs must accord with both the regulations prevailing in
Viet Nam and the country of destination as well as international
conventions signed by Viet Nam.

Biological Technology Institute director Associate Professor Le Tran Binh
said that although GMOs were available in many countries, managers,
social activists and environmentalists worried about how to ensure that
the modifications do not disperse "unfavourable" genes into nature. But
there was as yet no evidence to support such worries, he said.

ASEAN member countries, with the exception of Cambodia and Myanmar, had
laws governing the research and use of GMOs.


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