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2-Plants: Brazil government extends permission to use non-certified soybean seeds

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TITLE:  Government extends permission to use non-certified soybean seeds
SOURCE: Agência Brasil, by Shirley Prestes, Translation: David Silberstein
DATE:   Sep 2, 2005

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Government extends permission to use non-certified soybean seeds

Porto Alegre - The federal government extended permission to use non-
certified soybean seeds for the next growing season, in 2005/2006. The
decision was announced by the Minister of Agrarian Development, Miguel
Rossetto, at the International Exposition of Animals, Machinery,
Implements, and Agricultural Products in Rio Grande do Sul (Expointer,
2005), in Esteio, in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre. Rossetto said
that the decree will be signed by the president by the end of this week.

This decision, which favors 150 thousand small farmers in the state,
eliminates the need for farmers to prove the origin of their seeds when
they request loans from the National Family Farming Program (Pronaf).
Rossetto affirmed that the government chose this solution, "because the
quantity of registered seeds is insufficient to supply more than 30% of
the estimated area of cultivation for this year's harvest." He pointed
out that the possibility of extending the period for using unregistered
transgenic seeds is conceded in the Biosecurity Law.

The Federation of Agricultural Workers of Rio Grande do Sul (Fetag) says
that only 10% of the state's farmers possess certified seeds. The
Federation was urging soybean producers not to pay debts that have yet to
be negotiated. On Tuesday (30), the president of the Fetag, Ezídio
Pinheiro, said at the Expointer that the lack of credit for farmers who
don't have certified seeds "justifies drastic actions to press for
resources to be made available."

The Expointer, the biggest agribusiness fair in Rio Grande do Sul, began
on August 27 and will run through September 4.

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TITLE:  GMO call welcomed
SOURCE: British Retail Consortium
DATE:   31 Aug 2005

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GMO call welcomed

The Brazilian soya industry has been urged to halt the use of GMOs by the
British Retail Consortium (BRC), in a move that has been warmly welcomed
by an alliance of UK-based groups. The BRC call - which hopes to secure
'trust' in the Brazilian non-GM soybean supply - has come as farmers in
the country make the decision for next season's crop.

Large amounts of imported soya is currently used in the UK for animal
feed, although strict GM labeling regulations are not required for animal

"It is important that the BRC ensures that its message is heard loud and
clear in Brazil - by farmers and other players along the soya supply
chain," said Pete Riley of GM Freeze, commenting on behalf of the alliance.

"But some UK food companies have clearly been resting on their laurels
and have failed to phase out GM animal feed with any great urgency. It is
high time that they backed the BRC statement with firm orders for GM-free
soya for animal feed across their whole range. If food companies act now,
the costs of such action can be kept to a minimum and they will help
guarantee GM-free food for the future."


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