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3-Food: Monsanto donates K124m for relief food in Malawi

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TITLE:  Monsanto donates K124m for relief food
SOURCE: The Nationa, Malawi, by Aubrey Mchulu
DATE:   29 Aug 2005

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Monsanto donates K124m for relief food

Maize seed maker Monsanto Malawi through the worldwide Monsanto Fund on
Friday donated $1 million to the World Food Programme (WFP) for the
provision of emergency relief food aid to the poor and drought-affected
population in the country. In a statement issued in Washington DC in the
United States of America, Monsanto said the donation would allow for the
purchase of about 2,500 metric tonnes of maize which, the company said,
is enough to feed about 250,000 people for one month. Monsanto Fund
president Deborah Patterson said her Fund shared the commitment to
improve the overall food situation and was pleased to contribute to
critical efforts to help fight hunger in the country. "The African
continent has always been an important place for us," she said. Friends
of WFP president and chief executive Karen Sendelback said the
organisation was grateful for Monsanto Fund's gesture. "This cash
contribution comes at a critical time and will allow us to purchase the
much needed white maize from South Africa and get as much food as
possible to those in need quickly," said Sendelback. And speaking at the
symbolic handover ceremony in Lilongwe on Friday, Monsanto's regional
manager for East Africa Enock Chikava said his company was proud to play
a part in fighting hunger in Malawi. Initially, WFP planned to feed 1.6
million people at the height of the lean season--December to April--but now
plans to assist about two million people who cannot afford maize. In
addition to WFP's efforts, the Government of Malawi and other aid
agencies plan to assist 2.2 million people with food aid or cash. The
Monsanto Fund is a charity arm of the Monsanto Company designed to
improve the lives of people by bridging the gap between their needs and


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