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9-Misc: Experts maintain 'co-existence' of GM and GM-free crops biologically impossible

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TITLE:  Experts maintain 'co-existence' of GM and GM-free crops
        biologically impossible
SOURCE: Consumers International
DATE:   30 Sep 2005

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Experts maintain 'co-existence' of GM and GM-free crops biologically

Leading experts maintained that it is biologically impossible for GM and
GM-free crops to co-exist, at a conference organised by Consumers
International (CI) and Regione Emilia-Romagna.

Ignacio Chapela, Associate Professor at University of California-
Berkeley, told CI: '"Co-existence" might be a convenient thing to have
politically or commercially but biologically it is an impossibility. For
most GMOs the problem of contamination arises immediately: within one
generation you have escaping genes.'

Ignacio Chapela was one of fourteen experts speaking at a conference
'"Co-existence", contamination, and GM-free zones: Jeopardising consumer
choice?' in Bologna, Italy on 9 September 2005. Speeches mostly tackled
problems with GM contamination and how to legally and technically
maintain GM-free agriculture.

Angelika Hilbeck, ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich,
told the conference: '[trying to prevent GMO contamination] starts with
the seeds; you want to make sure you get uncontaminated seeds. This is
the origin of everything - from there on the contamination multiplies.
For example, in Canada it is hardly possible to get GM-free canola seeds
any more. Even the seed stock has been contaminated at this point.'

Benedikt Haerlin, Director of Save our Seeds and Foundation on Future
Farming, told CI: '[the term] "co-existence" as used by industry means
that those rejecting GMOs have to accept a so-called minimum level of GM

David Cuming, GM Campaigns Manager, Consumers International says:
'Listening to the experts it is apparent that contamination will occur if
GM crops are planted alongside GM-free crops. Governments must take
urgent measures to stop GMO contamination to ensure that GM-free food
remains widely available to all consumers.'

Read speeches, exclusive interviews, and other resources about GMO
contamination, 'co-existence' and GM-free zones:

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through empowering national consumer groups and campaigning at the
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