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5-Animals: Pharming (NL) and AgResearch (NZ) agree on GE pharma cow cooperation

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TITLE:  Pharming Announces Partnership With AgResearch For Human
SOURCE: Pharming, The Netherlands
DATE:   30 Jun 2005

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Pharming Announces Partnership With AgResearch For Human Lactoferrin
License for Protein Production Technology Granted to AgResearch

Leiden, The Netherlands, June 30, 2005. Pharming Group N.V. ("Pharming"
or "the Company") (Euronext: PHARM) (PHAR.AS) announced today a
partnership with AgResearch Limited ("AgResearch") on the production of
recombinant human lactoferrin ("rhLF"). In addition, Pharming has granted
AgResearch a research license to its proprietary protein production

Pharming and AgResearch have partnered on the manufacturing of
recombinant human lactoferrin. AgResearch will be responsible for the
production of rhLF and will provide access to its purification as well as
research capabilities for product development. AgResearch shall bear
costs associated with the initial production of rhLF and support the
commercialization of rhLF through its extensive network in the South
Pacific and Asia.

"The alliance with AgResearch is in line with Pharming's strategy to form
partnerships for the manufacturing and commercialization of its
products," said Dr. Frank Pieper, CSO of Pharming. "In addition, Pharming
is pleased to provide AgResearch a license to its protein production
technology and expects further licensing of the technology for various

Pharming has granted AgResearch a research license to its proprietary
technology for the production of recombinant proteins. In return,
Pharming will have the first right to review new products arising out of
AgResearch's protein discovery and R&D projects. The commercial rights of
Pharming will cover recombinant bovine and human proteins produced using
its proprietary technology.

Pharming is currently preparing a filing on rhLF for Generally Recognized
as Safe ("GRAS") registration with the US Food and Drug Administration
("FDA"). Results from toxicology studies demonstrated that rhLF can be
consumed orally at high amounts with no adverse effect.

Background on Pharming Group N.V.

Pharming Group N.V. is developing innovative protein therapeutics for
unmet medical needs. The Company's products include potential treatments
for genetic disorders, specialty products for surgical indications, and
intermediates for various applications. Pharming's lead product
(recombinant human C1 inhibitor) for hereditary angioedema is in Phase
III of clinical development. The advanced technologies of the Company
include innovative platforms for the production of protein therapeutics,
as well as technology and processes for the purification and formulation
of these products. Additional information is available on the Pharming

Background on AgResearch Limited

AgResearch Limited is the largest government owned research organization
in New Zealand and is charged with operating on a full commercial basis.
In the 2003-04 year, AgResearch and subsidiaries earned a total of
$ 133.7 million in revenues. Profits have been largely reinvested in
growing AgResearch's scientific capability to support New Zealand's
pastoral sector. For further information on AgResearch, please visit

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TITLE:  NZ to develop GE cows for protein
SOURCE: AAP / Television New Zealand
DATE:   30 Jun 2005

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NZ to develop GE cows for protein

New Zealand government scientists have signed a partnership with Dutch
investors to develop genetically engineered cows producing human
lactoferrin in their milk. The government's biggest crown research
institute, Agresearch, will work with Pharming (CRRCT) Group NV based in
the Netherlands to produce the lactoferrin in New Zealand. Pharming is
one of the world's leading companies dealing in transgenic animals and
plans to sell the lactoferrin around the world in a market estimated as
worth $US100 million, Agresearch chief executive Andy West said.
Lactoferrin is a milk protein that boosts people's immune systems, and
the GE human lactoferrin will be sold as a health product.


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