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2-Plants: Final message from the "Global ban on GM trees" petition campaign

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        Global Ban on GM trees
SOURCE: Signs of Life - Finland
DATE:   29 Jun 2005

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Dear friends

This is now the final and closing message from the "Global ban on GM
trees" petition campaign. Great thanks for all supporters and let's keep
campaigning for GM tree free world to continue!

We visited in Montreal UN Biosafety meeting as an campaigner for Global
Ban on GM trees but I was working there also behalf of our Northern
documentary group Signs of Life -

Here are our video-reports produced on materials taped there, activities
inside and outside the conference.

The most important and effective you could do to help all of us
campaigners to break the wall of silence is: Please inform all TV and
radio-stations in your country about these materials.

Actually there were no TV cameras or journalists following the hot
discussions concerning GMO control. So, this is unique material which
should be interesting for many stations.

If you cannot promote the video reportage personally but know some
suitable channel for the work, please contact us.

This issue becomes more actual every day:
Is there any relevant control on GMOs or not and who want the un-control
and why?
Who sabotaged the UN biosafety meeting and how?

We can also send the material on DVD for those who want to support to pay
the bills of the campaign.

Our side event in the meeting was a success. Great thanks for Anne
Peterman and Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher for their excellent contributions.
Also thanks for Anne, video team and David Zuzuki for the preview of the
interesting video: Silent forests.

I warmly recommend to get that video as a tool to stop GM trees in your

There was also discussion on the possibilities to arrange for some NGO
activities concerning the risks due to GM trees during the Brazil
meeting. The preparatory working group is chaired by Anne Petermann

Anne Petermann
Global Justice Ecology Project
P.O. Box 412
Hinesburg, VT 05461
+1-802-482-2689 ph/fax
+1-802-578-0477 mobile

Please dont hesitate to take contact to Anne if you are interested to
join the STOP GE TREES e-mail forum and/or acting as national contact
person in this resistance network. Let's give all support by our activity
to Anne's coordinating work for success.

Thanks for your support. I hope to hear your voice in Stop GE trees forum.

Hannu Hyvönen
campaigner and documentarist

pc We are seeking also promoters for our latest document: Last yoik in
Sami forest which deals with the extremely hot forest battle in the
indigenous Sami peoples' area in Northern Lappland. We believe that the
most northern and largest European pine tree wildernesses will be saved
if this document sreads around the world Look at the two trailers:
the short one:

The longer one:


UN MEETING ON BIOSAFETY Montreal 29th May to 3th June - videoarchive on
the events -

The meeting started with electiricity when Canada, the host of the
conference, denied to give a visa to the Dr. Tewolde, Ethiopian delegate
who is known as one of the leaders of developing countries in these
biosafety negotiations. Finally Dr. Tewolde got the visum and was
welcomed also by all the environmental organisations who were arranging
their opening ceremonies outside the conference office. Look at the clips
of the openings outside and inside of the biosafety meeting.

But why Canada tried to frustrate Dr. Tewolde, what was behind that
conflict? In this 20 minutes interview Dr Tewolde gives some answers and
a glance on global biosafety and biodiversity politics.

One of the main issues in this meeting was the identification and
labelling of living genetically modified organisms and specially under
the discussion were the questions around seeds. Environmental and
agricultural non-governemental organisations presented their worries and
examples of contamination during several side events.

While the national and international mechanisms to control are still too
weak to prevent the contamination, activities in many countries to create
GM free zones are increased. These movements were celebrating their
victories in a side event in Montreal:

But besides the control for such GE crops as canola and soya there is
also need to control the transboundary movement of other species of
living organisms such as microbes, fishes and trees, which are
genetically modified.

Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher was speaking about the special risks and
problems on GM trees in the side event arranged by People´s Biosafety
Association and the Union of Ecoforestry.

Most of the countries who have signed the Cartagena biosafety protocoll
would like to have strict rules for the control of transboundary movement
s of genetically modified organisms, but there was also some two
countries who were able block this process. Environmental organisations
expressed their frustration. Clips from the demonstration and comments by
Juan Lopez, Biosafety Coordinator of Friends of Earth International and
Li Lin Lim, researcher from Third World Network.

These and other materials documentated in the meeting are available in
full resolution versions for TV- and radio broadcastings and in low
resolution versions for the free use by civil society.

For more information, pleace contact the producers:
elonmerkki AT

Signs of Life -
Mediacooperative is an environmentally orientated network of freelancer
documentarists, graphisists and photographers in Finland. In our archives
you can find lots of materials on forests, farming and gardening, genetic
engineering, seed saving activities, indigenious people's issues,
ecobuildings etc.

Signs of Life:
elonmerkki AT


European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering

Hartmut MEYER (Mr)
In den Steinäckern 13
D - 38116 Braunschweig

P: +49-531-5168746
F: +49-531-5168747
M: +49-162-1054755
E: coordination(*)
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