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3-Food: Third Japanese shipment tests positive for Bt10

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TITLE:  Third Japanese Shipment Tests Positive for Bt10
SOURCE: High Plains Journal, USA
DATE:   27 Jun 2005

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Third Japanese Shipment Tests Positive for Bt10

OMAHA (DTN) -- A third shipment of corn intended for feed use in Japan
has tested positive for Bt10, a biotech event that is unapproved in that
country. The Ministry of Agriculture - Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF)
announced this week that a third shipment of U.S. corn tested positive
for Bt10.

In early June, Both MAFF and Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare
(MHLW) announced all vessels containing U.S. corn will be tested for the
presence of Bt10. Both agencies had started random testing for Bt10 in
early May.

Of the U.S. corn imported by Japan for food use, 90 percent is identity
preserved and considered non-genetically modified.

The U.S. government has stated from the outset that Bt10 does not pose a
health concern in food or feed. The Environmental Protection Agency has
stated that Bt10 contains has been granted an 'exemption from tolerance'
because it contains the same protein as Bt11, which has been fully
approved. This exemption from tolerance provides the grounds for the
legality of Bt10 in food and feed in the United States.

The Government of Japan has not, to date, accepted U.S. government
regulatory agency arguments as sufficient to allow Bt10 to be legally
imported under Japanese law.

The U.S. exported more than 15 million metric tons of corn to Japan in 2004.


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