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6-Regulation: Kenya Small Scale Farmers' Forum rejects biosafetybill

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TITLE:  Farmers
SOURCE: Capital FM, Kenya
DATE:   14 Jan 2005

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Farmers reject Biosafety Bill

A group representing small-scale farmers from 10 districts across the
country says it supports a Motion by Saboti MP, Davies Nakitare, to ban
Genetically Modified crops from Kenya. Kenya Small Scale Farmers' Forum
has raised various objections to the current draft of the Biosafety Bill
on Genetically Modified crops. The forum says it wants the draft Bill
withdrawn because it is flawed in both process and content. They say they
are concerned that Genetically Modified seeds are patented, which means
that farmers are forbidden from saving their seeds for replanting. The
group also says GM crops will destroy the local gene pool and push out
local varieties, which have stood the test of time. They also claim that
GM crops become ineffective after some years and pests and weeds develop
tolerance to GM crops, necessitating the need for more chemicals.


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