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2-Plants: South Australian Democrats call for GE canola ban

                                  PART I
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SOURCE: South Australian Democrats
DATE:   11 Jan 2005

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The Democrats have called on the Minister for Agriculture, Food and
Fisheries to rule out the growing of genetically modified Indian Mustard
in South Australia.

"The Commonwealth Office of Gene Technology Regulator has released
advanced notice of an application by Bayer CropScience to grow
genetically modified Indian Mustard in South Australia," said Ian
Gilfillan, Democrats spokesperson for Primary Industries.

"It represents a clear and present danger to the GM free status of this
state and the crops that we grow.

"The application is for trials to run from 2005 to 2008 in areas
including the Naracoorte/Lucindale, Grant and Wattle Range Council areas.

"Indian Mustard is a close relative to canola and is used in crop
rotations with wheat to improve yields.

"We are supposed to have a ban on the growing of genetically modified
crops in South Australia, that is why the Parliament passed the
Genetically Modified Crops Management Act last year.

"Yet the Minister seems content to have that ban eroded, he has given an
exemption for GM canola to be grown anywhere in the state except Eyre
Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.

"Last year we heard of applications for GM cotton in the Riverland and
now there is an application for GM Indian Mustard in the state's south-east.

"This has to stop. The Minister must immediately rule our allowing
genetically modified Indian Mustard to be grown in South Australia.

"If he is concerned that the state ban doesn't cover Indian Mustard then
the Minister must tighten state legislation banning GM crops to include
all crops that could in anyway contaminate our supply chains."

                                  PART II
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TITLE:  Govt urged to stop GM crop trials
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   12 Jan 2005

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Govt urged to stop GM crop trials

It is claimed an application for a new genetically modified (GM) crop
trial licence in South Australia's south-east will permanently damage the
state's reputation in the marketplace. The Federal Government's Gene
Technology Regulator has released notice of an application by Bayer
CropScience to grow genetically modified indian mustard in the Naracoorte
area. Democrats agriculture spokesman Ian Gilfillan says there is the
potential for an exemption to be granted for the crop much like the one
granted for GM canola. He says the State Government must put a stop to
new crops before things get out of control. "When the canola plantings,
the limited plantings, were made public by the Democrats pushing the
location be made public it was such an embarrassment that I said, in
fact, that we had a disease of genetically modified crops particularly in
the south-east but we can cure ourselves from that particular outbreak by
making sure there aren't anymore," he said. But Agriculture Minister Rory
McEwen says the Gene Technology Regulator must approve the licence before
the State Government considers it. "It would be at least two years before
we would ever find ourselves in those circumstances," he said. "Bayer
CropScience is following the right strategy and I've got full confidence
that the environment, health and market's protected with our legislation."


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