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3-Food: Information on GE free feed in New Zealand

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TITLE:  Information on GE free feed in New Zealand
SOURCE: Greens Parliamentary Research Office, New Zealand
DATE:   11 Jan 2005

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In a news item in the Waikato Times, chief executive Vicki Salmons stated
that KFC is "committed" to continue using GE-free soy from Inghams
Enterprises LTD "as long as world supply enabled it to". (See: http://,2106,3136633a6579,00.html)

The Inghams website states in it's newly changed Genetic Engineering Policy:

"Inghams is committed to continuing to source non-GM ingredients for its
poultry products. We will use our best endeavours to source non-GM
ingredients for poultry feeds - such raw materials must meet our quality
standards, be available in substantial quantities and be economically
sustainable. Our policy also includes a commitment to our customers that
they would always be advised before any changes to the above." http://

Due to pressure from Greenpeace (particularly their succesful campaign
against McDonalds) and the continuing effort by the GE Free movement and
the public, Inghams had temporarily sourced non-GE feed for it's
chickens. Inghams had a history of importing GE soy feed for it's chickens.

More recently, Greenpeace, Auckland GenetiX Action and other grassroots
groups throughout the country began a campaign against KFC who had
recently switched to Ingham from Tegel (who has had a commitment to a GE
Free policy for it's chicken feed for some time).

A succesful grassroots Day of Action around the country saw actions in
Taupo, Rotorua, Timaru, Auckland, Hamilton, Huntly, Wellington,
Christchurch and Australia at KFC outlets and Inghams Head Quarters (see In Auckland, Auckland GenetiX Action
(AGA) held weekly noisy and fun demonstrations at KFC outlets around
Auckland aswell as occuping the KFC HQ office.

Greenpeace re-started their campaign against KFC, holding demos often
everyday of the week in Auckland and had held actions throughout the
country. (See

More recently an anonymous underground group called the 'Finger Stick'in
Glue Crew' glued shut the locks of 10 KFC outlets causing thousands of
dollars damage.

Inghams commitment to continuing sourcing GE Free feed is a success for
activists, all New Zealanders, our environment, the rights of animals and
the countries where GE Soy would have been sourced.

Constant pressure from the public works and the pressure must continue.
It is only due to the efforts of people like yourselves that protect the
rights of individuals, animals and the environment from the interests of
profit and multi-nationals. We must continue to RECLAIM THE COMMONS!

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