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6-Regulation: Nepal adopted biosafety guildelines

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TITLE:  Govt issues bio-safety rules to curb risk from GMOs
SOURCE: The Rising Nepal
DATE:   24 Aug 2005

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Govt issues bio-safety rules to curb risk from GMOs

KATHMANDU, Aug. 24: His Majesty's Government has made public the
Guidelines on Biosafety-2005 with the objective of preventing the
possible risk from the international trafficking, transportation and use
and operation of the genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and to
regularise the international transportation of goods produced from these

His Majesty's Government had last year approved the Guidelines presented
by the Department of Plant Resources. The Guidelines was drafted for
short-term safeguard against the risks from the biotechnology.

The Biosafety Protocol was ratified by the state parties to it at the
Emergency meeting in Montreal, Canada on 29 January 2000 after its
implementation throughout the world since 29 December 1993.

The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological
Diversity was signed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Nepal signed the
Protocol in February 2000 expressing its allegiance to it.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation made the
Guidelines public at a programme organised at the Ministry today.

The Guidelines has been divided into five sections. It is believed that
the implementation of the Guidelines would help in the preservation of
the biological diversity and promotion of public health.


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