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2-Plants: Nidera to test new GMO soy varieties in Paraguay

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TITLE:  Nidera to test new GMO soy varieties in Paraguay
SOURCE: Reuters, posted by Checkbiotech, Switzerland
DATE:   25 Aug 2005

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Nidera to test new GMO soy varieties in Paraguay

ASUNCION - Netherlands-based seed company Nidera will develop new
genetically modified (GMO) soybean varieties for warm climes in Paraguay,
the world's No.4 soy exporter, company and public officials said on

"Nidera informed us it will establish an office here in the coming weeks,
start trials and rent two plots of land for experimental purposes," said
Paraguay's deputy farm minister Carmen Galdona.

Last year, Paraguay approved four GMO soy varieties for planting that were
developed by U.S.-based biotech giant Monsanto Co., in a move to reduce
illegal seed sales. Black markets for biotech seeds flourish in Argentina
and parts of Brazil as well.

lt is estimated that between 60 percent and 70 percent of Paraguay's soy
crop is genetically modified, public and private data shows.

"Paraguay is giving signals that it wants to respect the incorporation of
technology," said Oscar Mersan, the legal representative of Nidera's
Paraguay unit.

Mersan said the company will focus on designing biotech soybeans that adapt
well to Paraguay's subtropical northeastern region.

Nidera expects tc test 20 soy varieties in the next growing season, which
begins in October, along with types of sunflower seeds, sorghum and corn.

In the 2004/05 season, Paraguay produced 3.5 million tonnes of soybeans,
much less than originally forecast due to a crippling drought.

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