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2-Plants: Philippines approve stacked Bt-RR GE corn

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TITLE:  Philippines approves fourth biotech corn
SOURCE: Asia Pacific Food Technology, France, by Hridyesh Pandey
DATE:   10 Aug 2005

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Philippines approves fourth biotech corn

10/08/2005 - The Philippines has approved the sale and planting of
Monsanto's fourth biotech corn, a variety that is resistant to the
Asiatic corn borer pest and tolerant to herbicides.

The country, which was the first in Asia to commercialize genetically
modified corn, planted some 52,000 hectares with Monsanto's Bt corn last
year, or approximately 2 per cent of the total 2.5 million hectares corn

This corn, resistant to the European corn borer, increased yields by 25-
33 per cent to 5-6 tonnes per hectare per crop last year versus the 4-4.5
tonnes using other varieties of yellow corn, according to Rod Bioco,
president of the Philippine Maize Federation.

Imports of both the Bt and the newly approved corn are expected to be
higher this year because of damage from storms late last year and drought
caused by El Nino in the first half this year.

The fourth biotech corn developed by Monsanto contains 'stacked' or
'pyramided' traits which are produced by introducing two or more novel
genes i.e. resistance to the Asiatic corn borer pest as well as herbicide

The losses due to Asiatic corn borer pest in the country are estimated to
be about 80 per cent.

Philippine corn output rose 17 per cent to 5.4 million tonnes last year
from 4.6 million in 2003.


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