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6-Regulation: Senate of Oregon (USA) passed moratorium bill on GE pharma crops

                                  PART I
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SOURCE: Oregon chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
        by Rick North
DATE:   31 Jul 2005

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Late yesterday afternoon, the Oregon Senate passed SB 570, the biopharm
bill, by a 17-13 count.

The passage marked the end of a seven-month effort in the legislature to
put a 4-year moratorium on biopharm and industrial crops, limiting
growing to non-food crops grown indoors. With the session expected to end
this week, there will be no chance to introduce the bill in the House.

Even so, this is the furthest that any legislative attempt to restrict
biopharm crops has ever gone in this country. It adds to the growing
concerns with current USDA regulations, which numerous scientific,
agricultural, medical, environmental, business and consumer protection
groups have criticized as inadequate to prevent contamination.

The bill was supported by 17 out of 18 Democrats, with only Kurt Schrader
from Canby voting no. The Farm Bureau opposed the bill and Schrader, a
member of the group, typically votes its positions.

Unfortunately, none of the 12 Republicans supported the bill, although
several were very much on the fence. The Republicans called a caucus
minutes before SB 570 was brought to the floor, most likely to discuss
the bill. There is not confirmation, but it's thought that the leadership
was pressuring all R's to vote against the bill. This is too bad, since
the bill is non-partisan - everybody eats and no one wants drugs in their

Frank Shields of Portland carried the bill to the Senate floor and
introduced it. Laurie Monnes Anderson of Gresham and Richard Devlin of
Tualatin also gave floor speeches in favor of it. Charles Starr of
Hillsboro and Frank Morse of Corvallis spoke against it.

There will be a wrap-up of the bill in a subsequent e-mail. For now, a
big THANK YOU to our sponsors, Sens. Shields, Monnes Anderson and Alan
Bates of Ashland; Martin Donohoe, chief medical advisor from Oregon
Physicians for Social Responsibility; Angela Crowley-Koch, Oregon PSR
Director, Catherine Thomasson, Oregon PSR Board President and the entire
PSR Board; Bill Freese, Doug Gurian-Sherman and Michael Hansen, our major
scientific advisors; the Union of Concerned Scientists for all their
assistance and research, and to all of YOU who took the time to offer
information, volunteer and contact your legislators in support of the bill.

I'm very grateful to have the privilege of working with such dedicated
people -


                                  PART II
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TITLE:  Campaign For Safe Food
SOURCE: Oregon chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
DATE:   1 Oct 2003

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Campaign For Safe Food
The Oregon chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility initiated the
Campaign for Safe Food

The mission of the project is to advance the establishment of an
agricultural system and food supply in Oregon that does not use
genetically engineered organisms. The project's activities are based on
the Precautionary Principle, a common sense, scientific approach to
decision-making that has been adopted by numerous international
organizations and governments. The introduction of genetically engineered
foods in the United States, inadequately tested, unlabeled and associated
with demonstrated harm and serious possible unintended consequences, is
in direct contradiction to this principle.

The project will focus on two issues in Oregon: 1) recombinant bovine
growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) in dairy products and 2) biopharmaceutical
crops, which are plants genetically engineered to produce drugs, research
or industrial chemicals that could not be produced naturally. These
issues were chosen based upon urgency and level of risk to human health
and the environment. The first phase of the project is scheduled for two
years, with the option to extend it further.

The goals are to: 1) discontinue the production of any dairy products in
Oregon from cows treated with rBGH and 2) ensure there is no risk of
human or environmental contamination by biopharmaceutical crops by
passing a bill in the 2005 Oregon legislature.

The first steps will involve building coalitions around each issue of
agricultural, consumer, business, animal health, environmental, medical
and other various groups and individuals. The coalitions would then
decide upon precise objectives, determine strategies to reach them and
take all appropriate actions to achieve success. No illegal or violent
methods, including property destruction, will be advocated in any of our

To accomplish these goals, we are working with a wide range of
professional advisors, including farmers, business leaders, scientists,
environmental leaders, legislators, consumer advocates, animal health
specialists, physicians and others. In all, over 45 people have stepped
forward to voluntarily offer their expertise.

The project director is Richard North. He had a 21-year career with the
American Cancer Society, serving as executive vice president (CEO) of the
Oregon Division from 1993 to 1998. After several years of volunteer work
in sustainability issues, he began his environmental career as the
managing director at the Northwest Earth Institute in Portland from 2000
to 2002. Also in 2002, he served on the executive committee of Vote Yes
on Measure 27, the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered food
in Oregon.

This program is supported entirely by donations from the public. There
has been an enthusiastic response and nearly $75,000 has already been
raised from individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations.

Biopharm-Free Oregon Campaign Fact Sheet
rBGH-Free Oregon Campaign Fact Sheet
rBGH-Free Oregon Campaign Fact Sheet (Spanish version)
Consumer Dairy Products Guide (word document)
Consumer Dairy Products Guide  (link to printable web page)
Senate Bill 570 (The Biopharm Bill)
Biopharm Bill Questions & Answers

We welcome your questions, suggestions and concerns and make it a
priority to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Please feel
free to contact us at any time.
For more information on this program, please contact:

Richard North,


Senate Bill 570

Senate Amendments
Senate Amendments to A-Engrossed


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