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2-Plants: Paraguayan government to approve transgenic cotton crops

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TITLE:  Paraguayan Govt To Approve Transgenic Cotton Crops
SOURCE: Latin America News Digest, posted by AgBios, Canada
DATE:   12 Jul 2005

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Paraguayan Govt To Approve Transgenic Cotton Crops

The Government of Paraguay will approve the genetic modification of
cotton crops in the country with the aim to raise Paraguayan agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraguay, Gustavo Ruiz Diaz,
said that the Government plans to approve a joint transgenic cotton
project with U.S. agricultural products group Monsanto.

The genetically modified (GM) cotton will have a gene resistant to
insects with the usage of the Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) bacteria, Ruiz
Diaz added.

The test production of GM cotton will be carried out by the National
Service of Plants Health (SENAVE) and will last for two years.

Paraguay signed another agreement with Monsanto in October 2004 to start
using GM soy crops in the country.

Paraguay is the sixth largest cotton producer worldwide.


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