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9-Misc: Tatiara District Council (Australia)won't back GM crops trial

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TITLE:  Council won't back GM crops trial
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   14 Apr 2005

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Council won't back GM crops trial

Tatiara District Council says it is hoping Bayer CropScience will scrap its
plans to trial genetically modified (GM) crops in the region, after it
adopted a policy to remain GM-free. The agricultural products company told
a council meeting recently that it wanted to establish a 10 hectare trial
plot of GM canola. Council chief executive officer Rob Harkness says a
number of locals have raised concerns about such a trial and council has
now resolved a position. "We would like to remain GM-free, that we don't
support trials in our area, but we recognise that we can't stop them from
occurring, but if they are going to occur council wants to be notified," he
said. "We want the neighbouring farmers to be notified, any apiarists with
bees to be notified and we want to ensure that the harvesting and carriage
of the seed produced is controlled."

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