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3-Food: National Starch (UK) launches program to verify non-GMOproducts

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TITLE:  National Starch Launches TRUETRACE(TM) Program to Verify Non-GMO
SOURCE: National Starch, UK / PRNewswire
DATE:   14 Sep 2004 

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National Starch Launches TRUETRACE(TM) Program to Verify Non-GMO Products

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- National Starch has expanded
its crop identity-preservation program and implemented a broader,
documented identity-tracing program to verify the non-genetically
modified organism (non-GMO) status of the company's food ingredients.

The program, named TRUETRACE(TM), provides customers with traceability
for National's food ingredients at all stages of their development, from
seed to crop, to production and distribution. The program covers all the
company's food ingredients made from corn grown in the United States.

Protecting corn varieties from adventitious contamination and providing
traceability is becoming ever more challenging because farmers in the
corn-belt of United States have been greatly increasing their acreage of
GM corn crops over the last few years. Currently, between one third and
one half of the corn acreage in the corn-belt states is being used to
grow GM corn, and that is projected to increase considerably in the next
few years.

"The ability to provide fully traceable documentation that grain grown in
the US is from non-GM sources is becoming increasingly more important,
especially as more regulations are implemented to require this
traceability," said Joe Emling, manager, grain quality and traceability,
agribusiness, National Starch and Chemical Company. Currently, European
Union regulations require food producers of genetically modified
organisms to inform purchasers of all the stages of the GM product's
production and distribution. Although EU laws require the traceability of
genetically modified products, they do not explicitly require
traceability for non-GM products. National Starch's TRUETRACE program
will make information available to customers in Europe and elsewhere who
request it.

TRUETRACE adheres to the guidelines of the British Retail Consortium/Food
and Drinks Federation (BRC/FDF) Technical Standard for the Supply of
Identity Preserved Non-Genetically Modified Food Ingredients and
Products. This standard represents the best practices available for
ensuring the proper segregation and documentation of non-GM corn and
provides for non-GM identity preservation and traceability that meets or
exceeds regulations in major markets worldwide.

Starting at the source

Growers in National's TRUETRACE program grow non-GM corn exclusively or
take special precautions to isolate GM corn from non-GM corn to avoid
cross-contamination. These growers provide National with extensive
documentation of their seed varieties, field locations, and equipment
cleaning, which are subject to periodic audits. Corn delivered to
National Starch manufacturing facilities can thus be traced to the
original farm on which it was grown and the seed varieties used in production.

"Our customers value the non-GM status of our modified food, functional
native and resistant starches," said Mike Klacik, Senior Director of
Nutrition and Bioscience, National Starch and Chemical Company. "National
Starch is able to provide the TRUETRACE program because of its direct,
long-standing relationships with corn growers in its primary contracting
areas, and because it has a team of experts in plant science, agronomy,
supply chain logistics and regulatory affairs. This infrastructure and
the know-how make it possible for us to offer this quality assurance
program to our customers."

National Starch and Chemical Company is a worldwide manufacturer of
natural polymers, specialty polymers, adhesives and electronic and
engineering materials, with 2003 sales of $3.05 billion. National Starch
is headquartered in Bridgewater, N.J., and is a member of the ICI Group.

National Starch and Chemical Company
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TITLE:  National Starch and Chemical Company's position statement on
        genetically modified organisms
SOURCE: National Starch, UK, Global Policy Statements
DATE:   ?

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National Starch and Chemical Company's position statement on genetically
modified organisms

National Starch fully supports the responsible use of modern bio-
technology - this is a technology with the potential to offer significant
benefits to the environment, to agriculture, to food manufacturers and to
consumers. Within this context, however, National Starch recognizes that
some have concerns over the use of genetically modified (GM) materials
and the food industry's need to offer the consumer a choice. National
Starch is, therefore, able to offer a full range of products that are
classified as Identity Preserved non-GM to meet these needs. This
statement outlines National Starch's position on supplying these products.

To date, the only GM maize type that has been grown commercially is
regular maize. This has been grown mainly in the USA, with limited
quantities grown in other parts of the world. There are no commercial GM
hybrids of waxy maize, high amylose maize or tapioca being grown today
anywhere in the world. The corn hybrids mentioned are produced by well
accepted classical hybrid breeding methods and can be regarded as non-GM

We can confirm that we have the ability to fully segregate our waxy, high
amylose and regular maize products. 'GM-Free' cannot be guaranteed for
any material as this term has not been defined and, theoretically,
adventitious contamination can arise from cross-pollination or in
handling and storage. All products produced by National Starch in Europe,
Brazil and Thailand will be produced in non-GM sites. National Starch is
therefore able to offer certified identity preserved 'non-GM' waxy, high
amylose, tapioca and regular maize products from these and our U.S.
manufacturing sites.

We believe that by taking this position, it further demonstrates our
global customer focused approach.



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