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2-Plants: Agriculture Canada secretly working on GM wheat

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TITLE:  Feds: Greenpeace
SOURCE: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Winnipeg
DATE:   15 Sep 2004 

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Feds secretly working on GM wheat: Greenpeace

WINNIPEG - It appears Agriculture Canada is still working on genetically
modified wheat. Greenpeace officials say documents obtained through the
Access to Information Act reveal an agreement with the biotechnology
company, Syngenta. The agreement has federal researchers conducting field
trials of genetically modified wheat at three secret locations in Western
Canada this year. The wheat in question is resistant to a fungus called
fusarium, which makes infected crops inedible. Darrin Qualman of the
National Farmers Union says Ottawa should stop the trials immediately.
"Our customers have been very clear that there will be tremendous market
loss," he said. "And the irony would be a fusarium resistant wheat might
give us some slight increase in supply, but it would also bring out a
huge increase in demand. In the face of that, the price effects are very
predictable." Qualman says rather than conducting field trials into
genetically modified wheat, federal reserachers should look at developing
a fusarium-resistant wheat through more conventional breeding methods.



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