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6-Regulation: Brazil senate set to vote on gene-modified soybeanbill

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TITLE:  Brazil Senate Set to Vote on Gene-Modified Soybean Bill
SOURCE: Bloomberg, USA, by Katia Cortes
DATE:   15 Sep 2004 

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Brazil Senate Set to Vote on Gene-Modified Soybean Bill

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is
pushing lawmakers to approve a bill this week to make legal production of
genetically-modified crops before farmers start planting in October.

Three Senate committees are scheduled to vote on the legislation today
and a vote by the full upper house may come as early as tomorrow, said
Senator Ney Suassuna, the sponsor of the bill, in an interview in
Brasilia. Senator Jose Agripino Maia, leader of the opposition Liberal
Front Party, said senators may vote on the bill tomorrow.

The law would lift a ban on planting, research and commercialization of
genetically-modified beans and help boost exports from the world's
second-largest soybean producer, Senator Ideli Salvatti, the leader of
Lula's Workers' Party in the upper house, said in an interview. Rising
grain output has helped fuel a 33 percent surge in Brazilian exports this
year, helping pull South America's biggest economy out of recession.

"Brazil needs this legislation to be more competitive and export more,"
Carlos Sperotto, vice president of the National Agricultural
Confederation in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul state, said in an

By planting transgenic beans, farmers may boost production by 15 percent
and reduce production costs by 30 percent, as less herbicide is needed,
Sperotto said. Brazil expects to produce a record soybean crop of 60
million tons next year, up from 49.8 million tons this year.


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