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3-Food: Bretagne and Parana sign agreement on GE-free soy purchase

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TITLE:  France Wants Brazil's Natural Soy
SOURCE: Agência Brasil, by Lúcia Nórcio / Brazzil Magazine
DATE:   2 Sep 2004

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France Wants Brazil's Natural Soy

The French province of Brittany, in the person of the vice governor,
Pascale Loget, has signed a letter of intentions with the state of Paraná
for the purchase of conventional soy from Brazil. The province annually
imports 6 million tons of grains of the product. According to Loget,
within 60 days Brittany will be declared a territory free of genetically
modified (GM) crops and is interested in how Paraná is enforcing a
prohibition on the planting and sale of such crops. Loget explains that
at the moment Brittany imports most of its soy from the state of Rio
Grande do Sul where GM soy is grown and sold and wants to change that
because it does not want GM soy even as animal feed. She says GM crops
degrade the quality of food and that 80% of the population of France is
opposed to consumption of GM foods even indirectly in milk and meat. The
governor of Paraná, Roberto Requião told the French mission that he is
opposed to GM food for three reasons: there is a need for more research
on the effects on the environment and humans, they create a greater
demand for pesticides and there is an economic disadvantage. Requião
added that his state would have paid US$ 60 million in royalties this
year if GM crops had been grown in Paraná.

Translator: Allen Bennett


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