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TITLE:  The Destruction of Genetically Modified Corn Begins
SOURCE: / OneWorld South East Europe
DATE:   16 Jul 2004

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The Destruction of Genetically Modified Corn Begins

Djakovo, Croatia--The announced destruction of Pioneer genetically
modified corn (patented under the PR23G13 name) started last Friday in
the fields of the Agricultural Cooperative "Osatina" from Semeljac, near
Djakovo. The destruction of the disputed hybrid corn was overseen by the
Minister of Agriculture Petar Cobankovic, as well as by the Secretary of
State at the Ministry, Dragan Kovacevic. According to the Director of the
"Osatina" Cooperative, Mirko Ervacic, this was the first year that they
have used the hybrid seeds, which were sown to approximately 25 hectares
of land. The cooperative has 3100 hectares under corn, half of which is
BC hybrid seeds, while the other half are Pioneer produced seeds, only 25
hectares of which are under the disputed PR23G13 seed. "We sowed the
disputed seeds on small, rather symbolic fields, for we envisioned its
production only as an experiment", said Ervacic. Minister if Agruculture
Petar Cobankovic said that all farmers that will lose their crops in the
campaign will be compensated, and no one will suffer the damages. "The
first estimates post the compensation per hectare at seven thousands
Kuna," said Cobankovic, and added that the problems of GM hybrids is
present only in Slavonija. He dismissed as speculations the allegations
that the Bureau of Seed Production was to blame for neglecting the
presence of GM seeds. He emphasized that the state has reacted in time
with the proper legislation and demonstrated control over the situation.
He also informed that the fields and the crops of the disputed
genetically modified hybrid corn will be destroyed over the next ten days.

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TITLE:  Albanian Parliament rejects GMO-friendly biodiversity law
SOURCE: Organic Agriculture Association, Albania, Press Release
DATE:   15 Jul 2004

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Tirana, 15 July 2004. Today, at the plenary session in the parliament was
decided to be suspended without any deadline the draft law on "Protection
of bio-diversity", which incorporates 5 articles on GMO's. For almost all
the political spectrum the reason for postponing was the fact that it
contained the part about GMOs, which has been contested by the
parliamentary commissions and civil society as well (environmentalist
groups, consumers association, students association, scientists'
community, etc.). The draft law is totally in discordance with the
legislation of EU for the GMO. The opposition MP, Mr. Fatos Beja proposed
to ban entrance of GMO in Albania (which actually are quite likely
entering) for as long as the adequate legal framework for GMO in Albania
is created. In the mean time the Ministry of Environment announced
officially yesterday the launching of the UNEP/GEF project for
"Development of National Framework for bio-security" (Carthagena's
Protocol), whose objective is to contribute in securing a satisfactory
level of protection regarding transferring, administering and safe usage
of GMOs. The draft law on "protection of bio-diversity" was brought for
voting in a plenary session even one year ago (on 17 July) and its
approval was deferred even that time. Organic Agriculture Association in
cooperation with other organizations of civil society are going to
support the proposal brought up today by the MP of Democratic Party, Mr.
Beja, for banning the GMO's entrance as long as the law based on EU
standards, becomes effective.

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