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3-Food: Setuza supplies GMO soy oils to the Czech market

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TITLE:  Setuza supplies GMO soy oils to the Czech market
SOURCE: Financial Times Information Limited / Pozitron Information Services
DATE:   8 Jul 2004 

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Setuza supplies GMO soy oils to the Czech market

(Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic), chemical and fat product company,
supplies oils produced from genetically modified (GMO) soy to the Czech
market. Setuza produces these oils upon the demand from dealers, who want
to offer a broad range of products from the cheapest to expensive oils.
Soy oils are among the cheap products. Apart from other trade firms, GMO
soy oil is available in the network of Carrefour CR (Czech Republic),
although in its home country France Carrefour has confirmed it does not
want to sell GMO products. According to Carrefour CR, the situation in
the Czech Republic is different. Unlike western Europe, in the Czech
Republic it continues to be the price that is decisive for customers and
Carrefour CR wants to offer a broad selection of products, including food
products made of GMO plants. However, these products are marked in
harmony with the legislation. Another firm to sell GMO soy oil in its
shops in the Czech Republic is Tesco (UK), although the firm has declared
in the UK it will sell products without GMO. The GMO products it sells in
the Czech Republic are properly labeled too and the customer has a choice.


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