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6-Regulation: Benin moves to ratify biotechnology protocol

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TITLE:  Benin moves to ratify biotechnology protocol
SOURCE: Pan African News Agency
DATE:   30 Jun 2004 

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Benin moves to ratify biotechnology protocol

Porto-Novo, Benin (PANA) - The Benin Parliament, meeting Tuesday evening
in Porto-Novo authorised President Mathieu Kerekou to ratify the
Cartagena Protocol on the prevention of biotechnology risks related to
the convention on biodiversity. According to MP Boniface Yehouetome who
chairs the Parliamentary Committee on Planning, Equipment and Production,
modern biotechnology is rapidly developing and the general public is more
and more concerned about the negative effects it could have on
biodiversity, including possible risks for human health. Meanwhile, Dr
Alain Adihou, minister in charge of relations with institutions standing
in for the Environment minister, said ratification of the protocol was in
line with Benin's participation in the biodiversity convention.
Concerning means to implement the convention, he said Benin, unlike
several other countries did not have the technical capacity to check food
aid for genetically modified organisms, and would need support from the
international community. The protocol applies to cross-border movement,
transit, handling and use of all modified living organisms, which could
have negative effects on the conservation and sustainable use of
biological diversity, also taking into account risks for human health.


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