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TITLE:  FG advised on genetically modified products
SOURCE: Daily Times, Nigeria
DATE:   4 Jul 2004

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FG advised on genetically modified products

Federal Government has been urged to cancel the newly signed Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Nigeria on promotion
of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Products (GM) in the country.
Describing the memorandum as ill-advised, the secretary of the All -
Nigerian Consumer Movement Union (Ancomu), Lanre Oginni called on
government to adopt a precautionary attitude towards Genetically Modified
Products which it said are not safe for human consumption. "There are
reasons to be very cautious about genetically modified products as more
evidence is emerging that they are not safe. Instead of promoting
biotechnology, Nigeria should be investing in sustainable science centres
in order to promote and revitalise our indigenous agricultural and health
systems in collaboration with the right kind of contemporary western
science", Oginni said. The Ancomu scribe who disclosed that many third
world countries had been misled into investing heavily in biotechnology
added that: "A new report had showed that the market for biotechnology
and genetically modified products has plummeted with-mass lay-offs, and
investments drying up. It also revealed that genetically modified crops
were an economic disaster for the United States. The worldwide rejection
of GM products all add up to an enterprise that is morally,
scientifically and financially bankrupt".


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