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2-Plants: Grain South Africa opposes Monsanto's application toimport GE maize

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TITLE:  Grain SA against import permit for untested genetically modified
SOURCE: Grain South Africa, Press Release
DATE:   7 Jul 2004

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Grain SA against import permit for untested genetically modified maize

"Grain SA has opposed in writing the application for an import permit by
Monsanto to import genetically modified maize for human and animal
consumption," mr Bully Botma, chairman of Grain SA said.

He said concern centres around the fact that the imported maize could
also be used for domestic production purposes, considering that the
importers cannot guarantee that the prospective maize will be immediately
milled and only be used for human and animal consumption, or fed as whole
grain to animals. Since the indicated genetically modified maize events
have not been locally evaluated in terms of the possible negative affects
they may have on animal and human health, as well as the environment,
Grain SA has objected to the granting of a Goods Clearance Permit for the
importation thereof.

Enormous pressure is currently being placed on local producers who want
to service the export market to develop an identity preservation system
and use it to produce, store and transport GMO and non-GMO maize
separately. The same requirements to establish the GMO status and certify
the identity must therefore also apply to overseas producers who want to
enter the RSA market.

"Grain SA has therefore urgently requested the Registrar not to approve
Goods Clearance Permits for importing consignments of yellow maize which
may originate from hybrids containing such untested BT events, which may
in any case not be produced domestically," mr Botma said.

6 July 2004

Enquiries: Mr Fanie Brink, Deputy General Manager, Grain SA
Tel:+27 56-515 2145
Cell: +27 82 783 3213


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