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6-Regulation: Regulatory news from CE/SE-Europe

                                  PART I
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TITLE:  Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to Authorise
        Activities Related to Genetically Modified Organisms
DATE:   17 Jun 2004

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Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to Authorise Activities
Related to Genetically Modified Organisms

Moldovan citizens who will practice activities related to obtaining,
testing, usage and sale of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will
have to obtain an authorisation from the Ministry of Environment and
Natural Resources.

Vasile Scorpan, chief of laboratory in the Genetics Institute of the
Moldovan Academy of Sciences, told on Wednesday a seminar that
entrepreneurs and researchers who will use the GMOs for different
purposes will need authorisations, because the effects of these organisms
on environment and human health remain unknown. The interested people
will submit an application containing information about produced or sold
GMOs and their impact on environment and human health. The National
Commission for Biological Security will analyze these documents, while
the Environment Ministry will pass a final decision on basis of available
arguments, Scorpan noted.

"GMOs are cultivated in other countries and sold on international market,
therefore, they could arrive on domestic market as well. From this
reason, only GMOs which have no negative impact on health must be sold.
The GMO producers must carry out researches in this regard, while label
of products must contain information confirming the composition of GMOs,"
Scorpan added.

A centre for testing and assessment of risks provoked by GMOs opened in
the State University of Moldova early this year.

According to experts, the GMOs resist the pesticides, different diseases,
pests and unfavourable climatic factor as drought, soil salinity and
radiation. Experts say that the practice of cultivation of GMOs would
help obtain a richer crop without usage of pesticides, and this would
reduce the harmful effects of chemical treatments. However, plants of
this sort may provoke changes of metabolism, allregical weakness, and
resistance against antibiotics.

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TITLE:  Parliament Amends Acts on GM Organisms
DATE:   26 Jun 2004 

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SLOVENIA: Parliament Amends Acts on GM Organisms

The parliament has passed amendments to the act on genetically modified
organisms (GMO) required to align the act with four European Parliament
and EU Council directives passed since 2002, when the law was first
adopted. According to Environment Minister Janez Kopac, the amendments
set forth the procedure determining how EU member states and the European
Commission take joint responsibility to ensure that products containing
GMO do not endanger the environment or people's health. The act does not
apply to medicine, fodder and foods, as other laws apply to these fields.
It does apply, however, to seedlings and seeds.

                                  PART III
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TITLE:  Law on Genetically Modified Food

DATE:   30 Jun 2004 

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MACEDONIA: Law on Genetically Modified Food

Macedonia is working on the legal frameworks for regulation of the
questions linked with the genetic modification of food. The legal
frameworks which will precede the Law on GMO, are defined within the UNEP
- Project for development of the national frameworks for bio security.
The Faculty of agricultural studies and food in Skopje is preparing to
open a laboratory for researching GMO presence in the food, which should
start its work until the end of this year.


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