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More Sound Science, Not Silence

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Date:        11.05  17:08 Uhr
From:        AgBioView,

More Sound Science, Not Silence 

I appreciate those of you who have signed on to our statement 'An Open
Letter to World Leaders, Scientists, Media and other Stakeholders'  at

and please consider this as my personal thanks.  

May I please urge those of you who have not signed on to please  send an
email to <> with your name and affiliation?

This is critical considering the global orchestration of opposition to
this technology.  Consider a recent article in Philippine Star 'A case vs
GM crops' by Antonio M. Claparols on May 4, 2003 which says "More than
578 scientists from all over the world have signed an open letter urging
President Arroyo to declare a moratorium on the release of genetically
modified (GM) crops for reasons of safety and other concerns.  The call
is being supported by the Ecological Society of the Philippines and  the
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)."

Australian states are already contemplating shooting themselves on the
foot with moratoriums. See also Mae-Wan Ho's Report on GM crops from an
"Independent" Science Panel at

- Prakash