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3-Food: Swiss FAO Committee position paper on GMO food aid

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TITLE:  Swiss FAO-Committee position paper on GMO and food aid
SOURCE: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Switzerland
DATE:   Mar 12, 2003

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The Swiss FAO-Committee presented its position paper on GMO and food aid
to James T. Morris, the executive director of the World Food Program
(WFP), during his visit to the Swiss capital Berne on 12 March 2003.
According to this position paper each country should be able to define by
itself its rules concerning the import of GMOs (precautionary principle).
The Swiss FAO-Committee is of the opinion, that those countries which are
not able to do their own risk assessment should only receive GMO-free
food aid. It calls upon the WFP to include this principle into the "WFP
Policy on Donations of Foods derived from Biotechnology (GM/Biotech
Foods)" which is presently under discussion. The Swiss FAO-Committee is
an advisory Committee elected by the Swiss government which gives
recommendations to the government with respect to its policies in the FAO
and WFP. It consists of specialists from business and farmers
organizations, research and NGOs.

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