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6-Regulation: France's Chirac says not yet ready to accept GMOs

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TITLE:  France's Chirac says not yet ready to accept GMOs
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   June 16, 2003

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France's Chirac says not yet ready to accept GMOs

PARIS - French President Jacques Chirac last week said the conditions for
his country to accept genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were not yet
fulfilled and that each country should be left free to accept or refuse them. GMOs
are a sensitive issue in the European Union. The bloc has a moratorium on the
growing of GMO crops, which has now been challenged at the World Trade
Organisation by the United States. At the end of May, ahead of the Group of Eight
summit in Evian, U.S. President George W. Bush had urged the European Union
to drop its opposition to GM crops pioneered by U.S biotechnology firms.
Chirac said it was to early for that. "We have to make sure that GMOs answer real
needs and that the precautionary principle is respected," Chirac told an
international meeting of young farmers in Paris. "To me, these conditions do not
seem to be fulfilled today." He also rejected the idea that a policy be
imposed on France in this matter. "Each country should be able to make the choice
(of adopting GMOs) as a sovereign nation and in a responsible way," he said.



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