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4-Patents: Monsanto expects Brazil soy exporters to pay GE royalties in 2004

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TITLE:  Brazil soy exporters to pay GM royalty 2004 - Monsanto
SOURCE: Reuters, by Inae Riveras
DATE:   June 13, 2003

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Brazil soy exporters to pay GM royalty 2004 - Monsanto

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Biotech giant Monsanto (MON.N) said it expects Brazilian
soybean exporters to pay royalties as of 2004 for shipments of the company's
genetically modified "Roundup Ready" soybeans.

 The Brazilian subsidiary of the U.S.-based agribusiness company said
negotiations were proceeding well with exporters, whom Monsanto expected to sign
royalty contracts by Aug. 1 for 2003/04 soy crop exports.

Roughly 35 local exporters account for 95 percent of the country's shipments
of soy abroad.

Monsanto's marketing director Felipe Osorio said no value had been set yet
but estimated that royalties would range between $15 to $66 dollars per
hectare (2.471 acres) of soy depending on regional yields, which can vary from
roughly 1.9 tonnes to 3.1 tonnes a hectare across Brazil's soy belt.

Brazilian shipments of soybeans to countries, in which Monsanto holds a
patent for its trademark Roundup Ready soybeans, will have to show receipts to
importers for royalties paid, Osorio said.

Currently the United States, Canada, Japan and most European countries honor
Monsanto's Roundup Ready patents. However, the company's intellectual
property rights to RR soy are not recognized in China - Brazil's largest soybean

Exporters would be responsible for discounting what they paid producers and
cooperatives for RR soy to compensate for the royalties paid out to Monsanto.

"Clients on the global level are demanding just treatment," said Osorio, who
noted that producers in the United States and Europe were complaining that
they could not compete against Brazilian producers who were not paying for the
GM technology.

Brazil is the world's No.2 soybean producer and exporter after the United
States and accounts for over a quarter of the world's soy supply.

The country is also the only agricultural producer of its size that still
bans the commercial planting and sale of GM crops, although the government
granted amnesty until early 2004 for producers growing black-market GM soy.

Most of the RR seeds are believed to have been smuggled into Brazil from
Argentina and Paraguay where they are legally planted.

Despite recent government efforts to curb the illegal GM soy market in
Brazil, Monsanto said it expected the planting of biotech RR soy to increase next
crop, which begins planting in September-December.


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