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6-Regulation: 50th ratification of Cartagena Protocol

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Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety


What's New

    * Ghana accedes to the Protocol (30 May 2003)
      This brings the number of Parties to 50

Dear GENET-news readers,

this accession is the 50th, so the Cartagena Protocoll will enter into
force 90 days after May 30. I am a bit astonished that I have not read
any message on this news. Even the CPB web page does not post any press
release. A bad sign. The U.S. just approved a 14.8 mill USD project to
promote "science-based" biosafety policy and decision making in
developing countries (
main.php?action=ShowNewsItem&id=4478), thus working against the 
fundamental principle of the protocol, the application of the
precautionary principle in decision making. The protocol obliges its
members to base the risk assessment on scientific methods, but allows a
broader approach when it comes to decision making.


Hartmut Meyer


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