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6-Regulation: New South Wales (Australia) goes for weak GE cropmoratorium

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TITLE:  NSW Govt 'breaking promise' on GM food crops
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   May 29, 2003

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NSW Govt 'breaking promise' on GM food crops

Legislation which the Carr Government says will provide for a three-year
moratorium on the release of genetically modified food crops is poised to
pass New South Wales Parliament today. But the Greens say the new law
will become Labor's first broken election promise. During the election
campaign, the Government pledged to bring in a three-year moratorium on
the commercial production of GM food crops. It said this would allow more
time to study the pros and cons of the impact on people's health. But
Greens MP Ian Cohen claims voters have been betrayed. He says under the
bill, the Agriculture Minister can still approve commercial-sized trials
of GM food crops. "This is a Clayton's moratorium," he said. "It gives
the Agricultural Minister enormous power to override the moratorium." In
an unusual alliance, the Opposition and the Greens last night banded
together in the Upper House to try to include safeguards for farmers
concerned about contamination from GM crops. But their attempts were
voted down by the Government and conservative members of the crossbench.


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