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Sweden backs launch of Southeastern Europe regional network

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> Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 18:24:15 +0200
> Sweden backs launch of Southeastern Europe regional
> network
> The first step towards establishing new links in the
> field of PGR conservation in Southeastern Europe was
> made 28-29 April 2003 at the Nordic Gene Bank (NGB)
> in Alnarp, Sweden. A meeting involving 11 delegates
> from five western Balkan countries (Albania,
> Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,
> Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia) followed the
> European Workshop on National PGR Programmes (see
> article page ??). Delegates identified the need to
> jumpstart regional collaboration in order to promote
> and enable the sustainable conservation of PGR. This
> shared vision will boost the effectiveness of
> individual national efforts towards the protection
> of PGR by fostering linkages for mutual benefits
> within and between national programmes and partners,
> and also serve as a powerful motivator.
> The meeting was organized with support from the
> Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA),
> NGB and the Swedish Biodiversity Centre, who also
> participated in the meeting. The primary focus was
> on the needs and conservation priorities of the
> countries of Southeast European, light of the
> possible establishment of a regional cooperative
> network on PGR with backing
> from SIDA. The name is still a point to be agreed -
> the likeliest option is Southeast European Network.
> However, no definite decision yet.
> Country presentations on the current status of
> national programmes from the countries represented  
> were used as the basis for plenary discussions on a
> number of issues related to the regional
> implementation recommendations of the Global Plan of
> Action (GPA) for PGR.
> Five long-term priorities emerged from the debate as
> being of equally high importance for all regional
> participants. This includes, inter alia: a lack of
> adequate equipment; a strong need for developing
> adequate documentation; a need for additional
> training and education; fostering research and
> supporting collecting efforts; support for PGR
> conservation efforts; and the sustainable use of
> PGR. According to the mutually agreed Memorandum of
> Understanding, NGB will be responsible for all
> technical consultations in the preparatory and
> collaboration phases.
> Participants agreed that the regional network will
> be governed by a Steering Committee responsible for
> setting priorities for the regional network and
> establishing an annual working plan and budget. It
> will also serve as the official representative body
> for the programme on behalf of the participating
> countries.
> A group from Sweden, chaired by the NGB, is set to
> visit the region for country consultations in early
> September 2003 which will be followed by a regional
> workshop in Ohrid, Macedonia to finalise the
> agreement details in October/November.
> Vladimir Pekic
> ECP/GR National Coordinator for Serbia & Montenegro
> Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje
> Zemun Polje
> Serbia & Montenegro
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