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TITLE:  Agency publishes feasibility study on monitoring novel foods
SOURCE: Food Standards Agency, UK, News Release
DATE:   Jul 23, 2003

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Agency publishes feasibility study on monitoring novel foods 

The Food Standards Agency is today publishing research by Imperial
College looking into the feasibility of monitoring the buying and eating
of novel foods, including GM.

The research was commissioned by the Agency in 2000 following extensive
discussions between the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
(MAFF) and a number of key stakeholders, and with a sub-group of the
independent Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP).

The study explored two commercially available databases and their
potential for long-term monitoring of foods and food ingredients. Data on
general food consumption and food purchasing patterns were analysed as
the main component of the project. The buying and eating of a number of
specific marker products was also monitored.

The study has shown that these databases have some potential for post-
market monitoring, particularly of specific whole food products that are
easily identified. However, there were difficulties in monitoring
individual ingredients that are incorporated into a wide variety of
foods, such as soya flour.

Additionally, it was not possible for Imperial College to assess
individual consumption of foods because available purchase and sales data
is based on a sample of households or generated at supermarket level (and
then further aggregated for confidentiality). Consequently, the
feasibility study only examined food product data, and did not examine
health data. More work would be needed in order to examine the feasiblity
of linking consumption data to health outcomes.

A stakeholder meeting to discuss the outcome of the project and its
recommendations will be held on 30 September, and details will be sent to
stakeholders shortly. The outcome of the stakeholder meeting will be
reported to the Food Standards Agency Board.

A full Executive Summary, including recommendations to the Food Standards
Agency by Imperial College, and the full report is attached below.

To register an interest in attending the stakeholder meeting, please
email contact details and affiliation to: Stakeholder meeting.

-  Surveillance and Post-Market Monitoring of Potential Health Effects of
Novel (including GM) Foods: Feasibility Study

Read the executive summary and full report:


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