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update on GMO legislation in Serbia

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From: natasa dereg
Subject: update legislation in SCG

Dear all,

Situation with GMO legislation/enforcement has been changed in Serbia:

The Federal Institute of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources, that issues
permits for the import of GMOs has been reconstituted on federal level
and now operates under Republic Ministry of Agriculture (before it was
based in the Federal Ministry of Economy and Internal Trade).

Ivana Dulic Markovic is not sitting as director there any more (she is
like "independent- outside" expert now, working as counselor in Ministry
of Ag.), and also Darko Lojen- her advisor has left his job towards
better one- in Agricultural Affairs Office at the American Embassy in

Regarding government legal activities on GMO issue; we are still waiting
operational regulation on labelling of GMOs and products thereof to be
drafted. As you know we have changed our Ministry of Agriculture (instead
Veselinov now Stojan Jevtic) who said there are several legal projects in
preparation, among which are Laws: on agriculture, seed material, and
protection of plants and GMOs.

So it is to expect changes in our GMO law, that have to be harmonized
with laws in EU and WTO rules. I also get this information from Attorney
in Serbian USAID WTO Accession Project. Serbia is also in preparation/
drafting new law on food safety. Just to remind, there are assistance
programs from EU (food inspection) and US Embassy (plant variety
protection and new seed technologies).

The Law on GMOs does not prohibit the work with and the use of
genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but only puts them under the
strict supervision of the state by requiring permits for activities with
GMOs. Since it said in text this is applying for "forign" GMOs, I am
wondering what is being done with "domestic" GMOs.

I will try to finish compilation on legislative framework and positions
of govt. represent. regarding GMOs in Serbia soon, although it is pretty
hard to get real information now when our government has been changing so

With best wishes, Natasa


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